I’ve dealt with hip issues for as long as I can remember, with my hips constantly being out of place. It has prevented me from training my lower body the way I’d like to. As for my back, it seems to me that it’s chronic & my body has compensated elsewhere. Overall, I feel much better than when I came in first. I look forward to finding new ways to help manage my body. I’m definitely more relaxed, sleeping better, & more confident as a nice added bonus to the treatment plan.

– C.D.

My back was so bad that there were days where I couldn’t move or even get out of bed. Integrated Medical has helped me get to feeling like my old self again. I owe them so much.

– C.K.

I’ve had muscle spasms in my back for a few months. My family doctor didn’t help much. Therapy didn’t help either. I could feel a difference after my 2nd appointment at DeTray. I only had a few spasms during treatment. I am feeling much better

– S.C.

I was in a car accident 15 years ago & was terrified of chiropractic care due to my pain. A few months ago, I could not comfortably sleep, sit, or stand due to my neck, shoulder, & back pain. A friend explained the process she went through developing a treatment plan with DeTray. I decided to give it a chance. I am so glad I did! From day one I have seen the knowledge & care provided by DeTray & my pain is obsolete most days. I now have no back & shoulder pain & my neck has improved so much.

– A.R.

I really enjoy how the doctors have explained everything from day one. My husband came once with me & he was impressed with how much information he was given about what was going on in my body & how it was affecting me.

– J.R.

I had back pain & neck & shoulder tightness. Chiropractic made my back pain go away & my neck & shoulder tightness much better. I had back pain on & off for years & it is so much better now.

– J.S.

Before coming to Integrated Medical, I was in pain constantly in my middle back & had constant migraines. It was affecting some tasks I needed to do at work. I feel so much better. My migraines have been almost non-existent. Back pain has drastically improved. My life is better because DeTray Chiro is part of my life.

– J.Z.

I had knee surgery after an accident 5 years ago. I kept feeling like one leg was shorter than the other (turns out it was). It put more “work” on the other leg causing discomfort in my hip area. I felt like it aged me because I moved like someone much older. Now, I feel like a brand new person who’s younger than my current age. I should have done this years ago!
– S.B.

I had back problems that got worse in April 2019. I came here and Dr. John & Dr. Cody worked on my lower back. They straightened my spine to where I have very little pain! I’m very happy with my results so far! Very good job by all!

– G.R.

My complaint was having lots of drainage & my diaphragm was always tight which made my breathing labored. I have been like this for 36 years. I have little or no drainage, no sinus headache, & my diaphragm is less tight. I have not used my inhaler for 2 months.

– S.I.
I never considered going to a chiropractor until the pain in my back & hip made me feel like I didn’t have a choice. I chose DeTray because of their service to the community. From the start, I felt comfortable & well-informed. I was impressed with how thorough they were, & continued to attend my appointments because of the great, friendly atmosphere. I now have little to no pain and would highly recommend anyone to DeTray.
– E.B.
I have dealt with low back, right hip, & knee pain for many years. I worked 3rd shift & couldn’t sleep very well. Sitting or standing for long periods of time was almost unbearable. I had chiropractic care before, but not with this technology. I have had much improvement & am much happier. I am very happy with the progress.
– C.G.
I really enjoy coming here. All of the doctors & staff have been great. I appreciate all the necessary steps they have taken to help me to get feeling better & working around my schedule to fit me in for my adjustments. I like the extra bonus of them having the hydromassage table too. I use that quite quite often!!
– E.W.

I have went to a different chiropractor for a long time but I always felt like it never helped. I saw an ad for DeTray & I decided to give it a try. They take the time to work on the problem. I had bad back & neck pain. After a few sessions, I could tell it was working. I have noticed that I sleep alot better. My back & neck do not hurt during the day at work. I would recommend DeTray to anyone. I am happy I took the chance.

– R.W.

In 3 weeks, most of my pain has been alleviated. I feel that I can resume most of my normal activities.

– S.K.
I was in extreme pain. Life became very hard. I could not walk, stand to do the dishes, sit for very long, or sleep well. Within 2 weeks of visits, I only had muscle pain. During my 2 months of visits, some pain would come & go. Dr. DeTray was there to listen & walk me through getting better. On this day, I have no pain & Dr. DeTray is to thank. I highly recommend DeTray Chiropractic. The staff is friendly & go out of their way. Dr. DeTray is not a doctor out to take your money.
– M.G.
I came in for lower back pain. I couldn’t stand up straight for more than 20 minutes at a time. Now, I can stand all day. My achilles heel would render me from doing everyday normal things like running and jumping. This was happening for probably 2 months before. Dr. Cody gave me a set of stretches to do & I saw results in only a matter of days.

They have worked on adjusting my areas of concern. They take the time to listen & help alleviate the pain.

– K.Z.

I had minor stiffness & discomfort due to an alignment issue in my hips. After care at DeTray, I am feeling much better!

– E.B.

I always feel so much better after I get adjusted. Dr. John is who I normally see & is an excellent doctor. I have seen Dr. Megan & Dr. Cody one time each & they were both awesome also. Everyone really listens & gives great recommendations on strength excercises. True miracle workers

– B.B.

I used to have low back pain almost on a daily basis. It was starting to affect my job, my every day tasks, & most importantly being a mom. I wasn’t playing as much with my kids as I normally do. I now feel so much better & am back to living my life the way I want. Thank you!

– C.M.
My major complaint was my lower back, radiating down my right leg. Some days I could hardly move, the pain was so bad. The care I was provided helped to alleviate that pain. They used the drop table to help with adjustments. At first, I felt nothing. After a few visits, I could really feel the difference. The stretches really helped with holding the adjustments. I would highly recommend DeTray to anyone needing help.
– B.G.

I came into DeTray Chiropractic for neck pain & terrible hip & lower back pain. After Dr. John discovered I have an extra joint in my neck, we were able to adjust my neck without pain! My hip & lower back pain have nearly been eliminated with Dr. John’s expertise & patience. I am just so thrilled. Dr. John is my hero!

– C.O.

When I first came in, my lower & mid back hurt so bad that pain meds were an everyday thing…like eating candy. After just a few weeks coming to DeTray Chiropractic, I have gotten to the point that I don’t need the pain meds. My back feels great. The doctors have done a great job getting everything back where it belongs.

– E.A.

The care I received here greatly helped get my body straightened back out. It also helped relieve the neck/back/hip pain that I was in. The staff here was very helpful & friendly. They always showed concern for my health. I am very grateful to have gotten to meet these people & I would recommend anyone that is in pain to come here.

– J.H.

My pain affected my daily routine & work. Now my pain is nearly gone. I have basically been with Dr. Cody throughout this ordeal. Thanks Dr. Cody!

– L.M.

I like how they always ask what’s wrong & what they can do to help improve my overall well-being!!

– J.M.

Regular adjustments have greatly reduce my daily pain & burning sensation. They’ve helped my muscle tension & provided migraine relief.

– J.S.

I have dealt with lower back pain & my hips being off since I was little. I started seeing a different chiropractor when I was 16. This experience has helped me immensely. Nothing like any other chiropractor I’ve been to in the past. You have so much more to offer to help me with all of my aches & pains.

– R.V.

My lower back has hurt for over 5 years. My back continued to get worse, to the point of not being able to carry my daughter around. It was affecting my daily activities & preventing me from having fun with all 3 of my children & husband. Depression even started setting in. The first day I met Dr. John for xrays & he was so nice. I was very nervous (my 1st time at a chiropractor). Dr. Megan completed my 1st service & I almost cried after. I could move without pain! Tears of joy!!!

– C.A.

I was always at some level of discomfort. Some days the pain was debilitating. I was always self-adjusting trying to alleviate pain. I hardly ever self-adjust now & don’t experience the constant discomfort. I hardly think of my back! My mind & energy focuses on health & maintenance instead of pain management. I walk, sit, & stand more easily. I can carry my toddler without pain or worry. I’ve had significant improvement in my quality of life.

– A.J.

I have no complaints. They got my body aligned up. My body doesn’t hurt anymore!

– B.M.

I had significant back & neck pain that limited me in a multitude of ways. Now, I feel much better & am able to perform every task I need to without hesitation.

– J.H.

I can now turn my neck & use my arm without pain & stiffness!

– D.D.

Dr. Megan has given me my life back!!! I can walk with a cane, up right. The pain has decreased greatly; letting me sleep through the night, get out to see friends & family. I am so pleased what Dr. Megan has done for me. The results are indescribable! I am happy again!!

– G.J.

Dr. DeTray has helped me so much & in such a short time! I have stopped having migraines & pain! I am also being taught how to strengthen my back to avoid future problems. She gave me my life back & that’s the truth!

– K.M.

I went through 3 years of pain management. I could not push a grocery cart, drive for more than 20 minutes, or walk without pain. Now I have my life back. i cannot explain! I am so happy & sad. I’m happy that I feel great, just great! It’s sad that I went through so much pain before I found DeTray.

– B.S.

I have been alot better as far as performing everyday duties. I am still dealing with back pain, but it’s not to the point that it was after my accident.

– J.M.

My life has been a total turn around in 9 short visits. I went from getting epidural shots to no or little pain. I am able to do my daily living & more. I feel better, my self esteem has changed, & my depression has lifted.

– L.A.
Since coming to DeTray’s office, my quality of life has improved so much. I can say in all honesty I feel like I’ve gotten myself back. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even enjoy life. Now, I’m so happy because I can do the things I couldn’t do before. I am finally exercising & gardening again (something I’ve really missed). Thank you, Megan DeTray! From one happy customer!
– B.H.

I had headaches. There were times I would wake up with one and it would still be there when I would go to bed. I would take alot of Ibuprofen (2-10 pills a day). I suffered like this for 10 years. I would miss out on alot of functions because my head would hurt too bad. I was short-tempered and very grouchy. Now I have no more headaches. I can’t remember the last time I took Ibuprofen. My family can even notice. I am more energized and pleasant to be around.

– T.J.

I had alot of headaches for many years. It would affect my day to day life. I started my treatment plan, and now i do not get any headaches. It has been all chiropractic care!! I feel great!!

– R.H.

I had alot of pain in my lower back & hip. I also carried tension in my shoulders. I had suffered with this for 5 years. I had trouble sleeping. I had numbness & pain extending down my leg. Now I have less pain, better sleeping, & better mobility. I can’t take traditional pain medicine, so this has been very helpful in getting my life back on track.

– R.C.

I had seen several different doctors before coming to DeTray. None of them could make me feel better. Some of them made me feel worse. Dr. Megan makes me feel like family. I look forward to getting adjusted. They’re very friendly & caring. Thanks again!

– M.G.

I was having severe lower back & hip pain. Coming to Dr. Megan has helped greatly. I’m a truck driver mechanic. I have alot of hard use on my back. After each adjustment I feel alot better. Since changing chiropractors, Dr. Megan’s adjustments & treatments last longer. The atmosphere coming in is brightening to my day. Everyone is friendly & helpful.

– T.C.

My major complaint is my neck. Chiropractic care has helped realign my vertebrae. Monthly maintenance has proven to be necessary.

– J.M.

Headaches are my main complaint. Dr. Megan does a great job at getting me in quickly & correcting my alignment.

– K.A.
My problems were my neck, back & hands. Neck-I have 3 herniated discs from a fall over 5 years ago. I was told I needed to be operated on. I DIDN’T! Dr. Megan’s treatments have done wonders! I have no major problems now! Back & hands-Due to a car accident, they bothered me alot. Now all I need is adjustments. It’s great! And I won’t be getting any surgeries!!!
– R.G.

Due to flat foot & past foot surgeries, I had suffered with continual hip & back pain. Dr. Megan has improved my everyday life my alleviating this pain & giving me more freedom & mobility.

– E.R.

I had lower back pain & trouble with my hips. By staying adjusted, I feel better, work better and am all around happier.

– T.K.

I have constant low back problems. Dr. DeTray has been helping relieve this issue for me.

– B.M.

I have had chiropractic care almost my whole life. I got migraines as a young teen. With chiropractic, I haven’t had one in almost 30 years! I feel better with regular adjustments and my whole body benefits.

– H.S.

I’ve had some major stressors due to traumatic injuries. Due to Dr. DeTray & the staff at the office, my physical health has improved. I would greatly suggest everyone to give chiropractic therapy a shot. It’s worth it!

– J.V.

I came to Dr. DeTray due to neck & back pain. Then, after multiple treatments, I realized I had more pain than just those two areas. I feel great! I also know when it is time for an appointment. The staff is wonderful! I always recommend DeTray to others. It has helped my chronic fatigue, headaches, stiffness from arthritis and more!

– T.O.

When I started seeing Dr. Megan, I had chronic headaches, back aches, & neck pain. After the first week of adjustments, I felt a big improvement. I no longer have the pain I experienced before, nor the headaches. I feel great & would recommend Dr. Megan to anyone!

– A.E.

I had wrist and lower back pain. As a hygienist, my wrists are crucial to being able to do my job. Chiropractic has made my job pain free.

– M.M.

I cannot describe how much Dr. Megan has helped me. Within 6 months of her “magic fingers” I no longer was twisting my head. Now, after 16 months, I can go longer without my botox injections. No more pain, and can turn my head shoulder to shoulder.

– P.S.

I walked in with severe pain in my right hip & left shoulder. I cried myself to sleep because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t lay or sit without pain. I couldn’t belive the relief I have after Dr. DeTray helped me. I am able to sleep, sit, and was able to bowl with my family without pain. Thank you. P.S. All the extra little pains in other body parts have gone away too!

– D.H.

I love DeTray Chiropractic Center! Always please with scheduling my appointments, the staff is great and the doctors do a wonderful job!! My husband recently started going to DeTray as well and loves it! I would recommend them to anyone.

– ~Kim.B

Megan was absolutely amazing with my infant son. The entire staff were kind, informative, and helpful. We will definitely be going back for all of our needs!

– ~Kayla.B

Great doctors and the new location is gorgeous.

– ~Paul.T

My major complain is my neck. Chiropractic care has helped realign my spine. Monthly maintenance has proven to be necessary. I was always told at other offices to come back when I felt pain again. But the doctors and staff at DeTray Chiropractic are committed in making sure it doesn’t get to that point. They have taught me the importance of maintenance care even when I wasn’t “feeling” bad. I always thought that with age, I was supposed to feel achy and sore.

– ~R.D

My ribs were constantly out. At first the adjustments weren’t helping. I had this condition for the last 7 years. It hurt to lay on the couch and watch TV. It hurt to breathe at times and to bend over and pick things up off the ground. I sleep much better now. The Drs. here at DeTray used Russian stim and adjustments to help correct the problem instead of masking it.

– ~S.D